Florida, May 5th, 2022: Insurance brokerage veteran Tod Austin, previously President of the Atlantic Region at MEMIC group has announced the formation of Seaglass Insurance Group (Seaglass) – a new Managing General Agent domiciled in Florida.

Tod has over 40 years’ experience in leadership positions within the industry and will lead the business as CEO. He will be joined by an experienced senior team: risk management specialist Tonya Hawker and senior underwriter Scott Meinke.

The Seaglass mission is to drive down workers compensation insurance costs and strengthen workplace safety culture by focussing on mitigation of key loss factors, with customized risk management solutions. Seaglass will provide full-service risk management and insurance programs for clients. Seaglass has partnered with one of the leading workers compensation carriers in the United States, giving it the ability to service clients across the country.

The forward-thinking approach of the new MGA will promote the development of long-term partnerships with agents and their customers to support them throughout the entirety of the insurance process. The company will use state-of-the-art tools to help its clients analyze their specific needs and develop customized solutions for a broad spectrum of industries.

Tod Austin, Seaglass CEO, said: “We are delighted to be announcing the launch of the Seaglass Insurance Group today. Seaglass brings a ground-breaking, client focused proposition to the workers compensation marketplace. Our vision is to provide timeless, long-lasting, transformational risk management solutions for agents and their customers. Utilizing our extensive combined broker, underwriting and risk management expertise we will work closely with our clients to develop deep partnerships that enable them to implement customized solutions for their businesses, which will not only drive down costs, but also create higher standards of workplace safety.”

Tonya Hawker, Senior Vice President, Risk Management, said: “I’m so excited to be launching Seaglass today. As a new and forward-thinking MGA that brings together our extensive experience in risk management and strong underwriting capability we can deliver an outstanding service to our clients that will reduce their cost of risk and significantly improve workplace safety.”

Scott Meinke, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, said: “I’m proud to be launching this innovative new venture which will create a step-change in the approach to workers compensation insurance. Through the extensive specialist experience of our team and a deep understanding of our client’s industry sectors, Seaglass will be able to help businesses navigate the complexities of workers compensation insurance, mitigate risk and provide a quality claims service. In addition to the relationships and services we will bring to the market is a broad industry appetite and a national footprint so we can benefit businesses all over the US.”