Seaglass Insurance Group Introduces A New Workers Compensation Program For Distressed / High Mod Business In The Manufacturing And Social Service Sectors


Florida, May 09, 2023: Seaglass Insurance Group, a Managing General Agent licensed in all states, has today announced the launch of their innovative new Workers Compensation program for distressed/high mod business in the manufacturing and social service sectors.

Since launching in May 2022, the Seaglass mission has been to drive down workers compensation insurance costs and strengthen workplace safety culture by focusing on mitigation of key loss factors, with customized risk management solutions. This has been further enhanced by the launch of their Distressed/High Mod program designed for Manufacturing and Social Services companies.

This new program will enable Seaglass to support distressed/high mod businesses through the establishment of vigorous risk management protocols that will lead to reduced insurance expenses and a safer work environment. Seaglass will work closely with their carrier partner who has a national presence which allows them to service clients across the country and provide agents/brokers a solution for their clients that want to get better.

Tod Austin, Seaglass CEO, said: “We are excited to announce the release of our Distressed/High Mod program today. With this program, Seaglass aims to provide a unique risk control program which will provide long lasting, forward-thinking insurance for distressed/ high-mod manufacturing and social service clients.”